18-square Grand Cru Gift Organic Andoa Milk 39%

18-square Grand Cru Gift Organic Andoa Milk 39%

Assorted Box of 15 Dark Chocolate Bonbons

  • A box of 15 chocolate ganache bonbons made with Valrhona dark chocolat
  • Made in France, Drôme
  • 3 recipes: Manjari ganache, Macaé ganache, Abinao ganache
  • A delicious gift idea to offer and/or enjoy
  • 150g - 5.2oz
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A box of 15 exceptional Valrhona dark chocolates

Discover a box for dark chocolate lovers filled with an intense selection of 15 fine chocolates made with pure Grand Cru ganaches: Manjari Grand Cru 64%, Abinao Grand Cru 85%, and Macaé Grand Cru 62%.

Discover in this box three exclusive recipes; 3 pure Grand Cru ganaches made from 3 emblematic Valrhona dark chocolates.

The Grand Cru Macaé 62% dark chocolate. This chocolate is a Grand Cru, a single origin from Brazil, a bar of fruity and robust dark chocolate with a subtle taste of roasted nuts and black tea. As the 6th largest producer in the world, Brazil has a long tradition of cocoa farming. The expertise of Valrhona and its partner M. Libanio allowed for a long post-harvest fermentation process and sun drying that gives all the power to the unique flavors of the beans that are the origin of Macaé. When tasted, this chocolate will release all its aromatic potential, offering fruity notes first, then roasted nutty flavors in the middle, and finishing on an intense black tea note.

The Grand Cru Manjari 64% dark chocolate. This chocolate is a Grand Cru, a single origin from Madagascar, a fruity and tangy dark chocolate bar. Madagascar, also known as the "Island of Perfumes," is an island where exceptional cocoa trees grow, along with delicious fruits and beautiful spices. The whole aromatic richness of this island is found in the Grand Cru Manjari ganache. Once again, Valrhona worked hand in hand with its local partner, the Millot plantation, to offer exceptional cocoa. With this filled chocolate, discover the smoothness of a ganache combined with Manjari's acidity and red fruit notes for a sensory awakening.

The Grand Cru Abinao 85% dark chocolate. This chocolate is a blend of African Grand Crus, made from a complex mixture of aromatic cocoa profiles typical of Togo, Ivory Coast, and Ghana. This aromatic richness offers fans of intense bitterness, characteristic of African cocoa, a unique sensory experience. The aromatic power of this Grand Cru, combined with a delicate ganache made with fresh cream, offers a subtle balance between strength and sweetness.

A "Made in France" gift box. Do you want to support French know-how and buy locally? Then know that Valrhona has been making all its chocolates in France for over 100 years. By offering this box, you can introduce others to 100 years of know-how with fine chocolates made by hand. In addition to its know-how, Valrhona has joined the Bcorp brand collective; the brand has redesigned all of its gift boxes in this desire for a bar of more responsible chocolate. Our cases are entirely recyclable, so there are no excuses not to have a bar of exceptional chocolate.

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Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations Not Applicable

cocoa beans, sugar, water, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, concentrated whole MILK, concentrated butter (MILK), inverted sugar, HAZELNUTS, stabilizer: D-sorbitol, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract.

Energy value (kcal) 469.00
Calories (kJ) 1950.00
Fiber (g) 6.59
Protein (g) 5.12
Saturated fatty acids (g) 17.50
Salt (g) 0.03
Sugar (g) 39.20
Carbohydrates (g) 40.50
Fat (g) 30.50

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