18-square Grand Cru GUANAJA 70%

18-square Grand Cru GUANAJA 70%

18-square Grand Cru ABINAO 85%

18-square Grand Cru ABINAO 85%

18-square Grand Cru Gift Organic Andoa Milk 39%

A box of 18 wrapped individual Organic ANDOA 39% milk chocolate squares

ANDOA MILK is a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with a powerful, authentic milk flavor and powerful cocoa notes.

  • Grand Cru Single Origin Peru
  • Intense Milky Notes & Chocolatey
  • Milky sweetness, notes of farm milk and a touch of acidity.
  • Fair trade milk chocolate, organic farming, certified Fairtrade/ Max Havelaar
  • Cocoa content: 39%
  • 70g - 2.46oz





ANDOA MILK is a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with a robust, authentic milk flavor and powerful cocoa notes.

Understanding Organic Certification
Our chocolates' ingredients must meet strict growing standards to be certified organic. Certifications guarantee that ingredients are farmed naturally in a way that promotes biodiversity because they are free from:
• herbicides or synthetic fertilizers,
• pesticides,
• GMOs.
This certification also guarantees products are free from colorants, synthetic chemical aromas, and flavor enhancers

ANDOA 39% is a deliciously smooth milk chocolate with a seductive milky sweetness and robust cocoa taste. This Grand Cru is a bar of soft and mellow chocolate which seduces with a milk smoothness and chocolate tenderness, enhanced by a bittersweet hint.

ANDOA 39% is one of the visible expressions of Valrhona's commitment to sustainable development. In Peru, the world's second-largest producer of organic cocoa, Valrhona has cultivated the soil and sustainable relationships with the farmers to develop a fair trade certified milk chocolate from organically farmed ingredients.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy) and Gluten Free


The Valrhona square is a symbol of indulgence for genuine moments of tasting!

Chocolate is an opportunity to treat ourselves. Biting into a square of chocolate daily is good for the palate and the spirit! So let's not resist and treat ourselves to boxes of chocolate squares. For a gourmet break

You never stop; you feel like you're running in all directions... What if you took a moment to treat yourself? Take a few minutes by tasting some Valrhona chocolate squares from a box. Allowing yourself a break amid the day's turmoil recharges your batteries and reduces stress. It's also a way to increase efficiency later on... Bite into a chocolate square and let yourself melt with pleasure.

We can also treat ourselves by reserving a tasting moment occasionally. This is an opportunity to test our sensory perceptions. Don't hesitate to compare several chocolates to learn to distinguish flavors and aromas. You can try to isolate the flavors or even recognize the origin of the cocoa beans...

Valrhona chocolate boxes are convenient for various tastings. Several chocolate grand crus are thus gathered in an assortment of chocolate squares. You can also opt for milk chocolate or dark chocolate. These chocolate squares are individually wrapped to preserve their aromas. Stored at the right temperature, you can thus vary your pleasures and discover the entire range of Valrhona chocolate square boxes!

While biting into a square of chocolate is often associated with a coffee break, cross-tastings are rare. And why not venture to pair chocolate with tea or fresh fruit juice?

Have you tried pairing your chocolate squares with a craft beer, a glass of wine, or a spirit in the evening? Pairing an exceptional alcoholic beverage (to be consumed in moderation) with a bar of grand chocolate is an exciting taste experience... Do the aromas intensify? Do they blend well? Which one stands out more, the chocolate or the drink?

Finally, don't forget the gourmet pairings of chocolate squares with dried, candied, or fresh fruits: guaranteed pleasure!


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