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Caramélia 36% with Crunchy Pearls Chocolate Bar


Jivara 40%​ With Caramelized Pecan Slivers Inclusion Chocolate Bar

Caraïbe 66% With Hazelnut Slivers Inclusion Chocolate Bar

Valrhona Inclusion CARAIBE 66% Dark Chocolate Bar With​ Roasted Hazelnut Slivers

  • Blend of typical cocoas from Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Togo, Ecuador
  • Aromatic with a long finish, its fruity and balanced taste reveals the delicate flavors of almonds and roasted coffee.
  • Balanced & Velvety Dark Chocolate
  • 120g - 4.23oz
  • Contains nuts

This beautifully molded bar is perfect for introducing yourself to the art of tasting, for gifting or sharing with your loved ones.

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NEW 120g - 4.23oz Inclusion Dark Chocolate Bar! Taste chefs' chocolate with this new gourmet format, including great bursts of flavor​. Savor our balanced CARAIBE 66% dark chocolate​ enriched with roasted Hazelnut Slivers. ​

CARAIBE 66% is a Grand Cru Blend made of the finest beans from small plantations in the Caribbean islands. Aromatic with a long finish, its fruity and barely sweet taste reveals the delicate flavors of almonds and roasted coffee.

As the industry standard for well-balanced chocolate since 1988, Caraïbe gets its unique taste from a complex blend of aromatic profiles found in classic cocoas from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, and Togo. Caraïbe's name is an homage to all the diversity of the Caribbean islands whose cocoa beans inspired this chocolate.

With its intensely bitter notes, woody highlights, and hints of toasted nuts, Caraïbe leads you on an intoxicating dance through the cacao forest.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy).
100% recyclable & FSC-labelled packaging​.

Discover CARAIBE 66% Baking chocolate

Discover CARAIBE 66% Tasting Bar

Discover CARAIBE 66% stick




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Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations Not Applicable
Cocoa beans, sugar, roasted chopped hazelnuts 15%, cocoa butter, concentrated butter (milk), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract.
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