Dulcey 35%, the very first blond chocolate is a unique experience

You can't miss Valrhona's Dulcey 35% blond chocolate if you love chocolate and pastry. This chocolate has become quite famous since its creation. In this article, Valrhona presents the origins of this chocolate, its main characteristics, and uses.

Major characteristic: Biscuity

Minor note: A hint of salt

With its very subtly salty, mellow biscuit flavor, Dulcey and its caramelized milky tones conjure up our childhoods before our very eyes, stirring up a whirlwind of delicious, uniquely personal memories.

DULCEY 32% is a smooth, creamy chocolate with a velvety texture and a warm, blond color.

The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to a hint of salt.


  • A unique blond color that stands out
  • A delicious taste that is not too sweet with intense biscuity flavors and a pinch of salt
  • A creamy texture


L’École Valrhona particularly recommends DULCEY 32% for the following applications:

  • Molding: to highlight the blond color and pure flavor
  • Ganache for Pastry, Crémeux, and Ganache for individual chocolate bonbons: A smooth texture, intense aromas, and not-too-sweet taste.

The origins of "blond chocolate":

Valrhona's Dulcey 35% blond chocolate was created in 2012 by Frédéric Bau, pastry chef and creative director of L’Ecole Valrhona.

With Dulcey, Valrhona invented chocolate’s fourth color: Blond. During one of his cookery demonstrations, Frédéric Bau once absent-mindedly left his white chocolate in the bain-marie. He was surprised by the result: the chocolate turned blond and gave off a delicate aroma of toasted shortbread and caramelized milk. Inspired by this happy accident, it took eight years of research and development to create the recipe we know and love today.

Launched in 2012, Dulcey is an ode to the creativity and audacious spirit which revolutionized the world of pastry-making. The name Dulcey evokes this chocolate’s appealing mellowness.

Is "blond chocolate" the right name for Dulcey?

Dulcey, 35% chocolate, is referred to by consumers and pastry chefs as "blond chocolate," referring to its more tinted color than the usual white chocolate. Designated as the fourth color of chocolate, it complements the dark, milk, and white chocolate palette.

However, the term "blond chocolate" is not a regulatory designation. It is, in fact, a white chocolate, i.e., a mixture of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk powder. The particularity of this chocolate lies in the choice and quality of its ingredients and the manufacturing process. The combination of these two factors gives it its unique color and flavor.

Characteristics of Dulcey 35% blond chocolate

Dulcey 35% blond chocolate has a smooth and creamy texture. Its golden color makes it an eye-catcher and an invitation to taste it. It offers a unique taste experience: a mixture of sweet, salty, and biscuity flavors combined with a pleasant note of caramelized milk.

This exceptionally soft chocolate evokes yesteryear's flavors and childhood pleasures. Softly sweetened, it produces soft caramels, mother's shortbread coming out of the oven, and, more indirectly, concentrated milk.

How to use Dulcey 35% blonde chocolate

Much appreciated by pastry chefs, Dulcey 35% blond chocolate offers a unique taste and melting texture. It can be used in cooking, pastry, or chocolate making.

Make mousses, glazes, or crèmes with this professional chocolate in pastries. It is ideal for tarts, éclairs, macaroons... Don't forget to make entremets, mousses, frozen desserts, or sorbets with this professional chocolate.

In pastry, make mousses, glazes, or creamy with this professional chocolate. It is ideal for tarts, éclairs, macaroons... Don't forget to make soft desserts, ice cream, or sorbets with this professional pastry chocolate.

In the chocolate industry, this blond chocolate is an ingredient of choice for making original bars or moldings. For Easter, Valentine's Day, or Christmas, its shape adapts to the season in the form of subjects to crunch. This blond-colored chocolate is used to realize chocolate sweets or confectionery based on creamy ganaches.

What pairings should be developed to enhance the Dulcey?

This "blond chocolate," as gourmets call it, goes perfectly with salty ingredients but also with sweet ones. Discover it with pieces of fresh fruit or fruit mousses (apricot, banana, mango...). Combine Dulcey 35% with soft caramel or dried fruits such as hazelnuts for even more delicious combinations. To accentuate the roasted side and give a cappuccino accent to your recipe, combine Dulcey chocolate with roasted coffee.

Where to buy Valrhona's blond-colored chocolate?

The greedy and regressive notes of this blond chocolate have won you over. Rest assured; you are only a few clicks away from tasting it!

It is available in several formats. For tasting, you can find it in a chocolate bar or a more gourmet version with coffee chips... For occasional recipes, think of the chocolate bags in the shape of a bean, easy to measure. Discover the 250g bag, the 1kg bag of Dulcey pastry chocolate, or even the 3kg bag for home delivery.

Order now your Dulcey 35% blond chocolate on the online Valrhona store. By delivery or pick up at the store in Tain l'Hermitage, many Dulcey sweets are now waiting for you on our website... Postage is even free from 70€ of purchase!

However, if you prefer the advice of your favorite chocolate maker, go to your local artisan. This Dulcey pastry chocolate is available at many Valrhona partners!

Which Dulcey sweets are available on the Valrhona online store?

Chocolate tasters and gourmets can thus delight in Valrhona "blond chocolate" bars. The greediest crunchers prefer Almonds and Hazelnuts coated with Dulcey 35% chocolate. You can then combine sweetness and crunchiness. With their practical packaging, these small confectionery products can be nibbled on (in moderation) at any time. Let's continue with the suggestions to offer... Gourmet boxes offer assortments of dried fruits coated with Valrhona chocolates in different colors: success is guaranteed!

Gourmet fans will be tempted by Dulcey 35% chocolate truffles. Inside, with each bite, appears a succulent praline...

Whatever variation you choose, the pleasure remains with each bite of Dulcey chocolate.

We can only conclude that this "blond chocolate" is an essential sweet for chocolate and pastry lovers. Its gourmet flavors and unique texture allow infinite variations to delight your taste buds. Take a break and enjoy this Valrhona innovation.