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Visit our Professional Site to find more information about all your wholesale and food service questions such as:
-Where are your distributors located?
-Where can I find your products for wholesale and what are the requirements for ordering wholesale?
-Where can I find more information about Valrhona Food Service Range?
-How can I order bonbons / pralines for my store / event / bakery or get a price List?
-What is the procedure to establish a food service account?

-Are your products Fair Trade?
Valrhona pursues a policy of direct trade with farmers in accordance with the principles of Fair Trade. Valrhona does everything in its power to ensure that the conditions in which our cacao is grown allow planters and their families to develop a long-term business strategy. We take particular care to ensure no children work in the production of our cacao, that there is no forced labor and that all national and international labor regulations are respected. To learn more click here.

-How can I apply for a in-person class?
in-person classes are now sold on
Please visit our schedule page to start your registration process on the class page you are interested in. Please note that in-person classes require professional experience in a kitchen.

-Does Valrhona accept returns?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns or exchanges as our products are perishable. Please notify us at 718-522-7001 or in the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged or spoiled, and we would be happy to help replace the item. Valrhona is not responsible for any damage or loss sustained as the result of incorrect shipping address information provided at order. It is our goal to ensure proper handling and prompt delivery, but ultimately this is in the control of the third party shipping carrier. To ensure the full freshness of our products, we urge you to inspect and properly store your order as soon as it arrives. We encourage you to select overnight shipping if you are experiencing warm weather, as this is the best way to ensure freshness. Refunds for damaged goods can only be credited to the originating credit card. For more information, please contact our Customer Service department at 718-522-7001 or

-Are your products GMO free?
Yes, all of our chocolates are GMO free.

-Allergen: Where can I find the ingredient list?
Most of the products that you will find on our online boutique come with an ingredient list by the product's description.

-Do you have any vegan products?
Amatika 46% is certified Vegan and Valrhona's Hot Chocolate Mix, Inspiration line and dark chocolates are vegan based on their ingredients, but we are not able to obtain vegan verifications due to milk traceability from operating in the same factory as milk and white chocolate production.

-Are your products gluten-free?
All of our chocolates bars are considered gluten-free (this means that they contain less than 20 ppm of gluten and are suitable for intolerant people). Our chocolate bonbons are not gluten-free. We recommend people for whom gluten is a health concern not to consume our chocolate as it may contain traces of gluten.

-Do you have a kosher certificate? Who / which agency certifies?
Many of our chocolates are certified kosher by a rabbi. The agency certifies the entire factory directly. The certificate is renewed every year. Click here to download.

-Do you carry chocolate for people with tree-nut allergies?
In most products, we do not use nuts as ingredients, but the chocolate may contain traces of peanuts and other nuts, gluten, and egg proteins. We recommend that people with these allergies do not consume our chocolate.


-It seems my chocolate has expired, what should I do?
Please note that the way headquarters label our products can be confusing. We do not ship expired products. The expiration date is found after an “E” on product packaging and indicated the “Best By” date for the product. Use only this date to determine the product’s shelf life.
The Production Date is found after a “(P)” on product packaging and indicated the manufacturing date of the product. The Production date tells when the product was made and should not be used to determine the product shelf life.

-Does Valrhona guarantee a Minimum Shelf Life?
Valrhona is committed to shipping baking chocolates, tasting bars, squares (individual chocolates) with at least a 3 month shelf life, Equinoxe (nuts and fruits covered in chocolate) and Orangettes 2 month and bonbons one month for optimum quality, taste and nutritionand. Sales items and free gifts might have a shorter shelf life.

-Is a chocolate edible after the Best By Date?
Absolutely. Pure chocolate doesn't go bad and can be enjoyed months after its Best By Date. Please note that this is not the case with Bonbons or Truffles for which it is more important to follow the Best By Date.

-How long will the chocolates last and how do I conserve them?
Each product has a label with a Best By Date (ex: 6-2013 refers to the Best By Date being the end of the month of June) (Best if used by date). Please refer to this date. Please note that the production date is also mentioned on the packaging. Valrhona guarantees a shelf life of at least 2 months for all chocolate. We recommend conserving them in a cool place (between 57° and 64°F) away from direct sunlight. Possible storage solutions include placing the products in a cool area or in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator, provided you keep them in the original packaging, wrapped carefully in a tightly sealed plastic bag. The chocolates should be removed from the refrigerator about two hours before tasting to enjoy their full flavor.

Shipping and Delivery

-I would like to know more about order processing and shipping time.
Orders placed by 2pm from Monday to Thursday will ship the same day from our New York facility. In order to preserve your chocolate and to avoid your package staying in a warm facility during the weekend, we will have to delay some shipments: Orders received after 2pm on Thursday will only ship the following Monday. For customers in states with temperatures that exceed 65-70°F, we highly recommend Warm Weather Overnight Shipping. By not selecting Warm Weather Overnight Shipping in these states, your order will be at risk of melting and Valrhona waives responsibility to replace any melted product when the inappropriate shipping method is chosen. Warm Weather Overnight Shipping includes standard overnight shipping, insulated packaging, and ice packs to protect your order.

-What shipping method do you use?
We use FedEx to ship all of our chocolate. We offer three different FedEx shipping methods: FedEx Overnight®, FedEx Two-Day and FedEx Ground®. All shipping methods are not available for all delivery locations all year long. You will see your available shipping methods after you enter the shipping zip code in the checkout page.

-What about shipping pricing?
The price is calculated based on the weight of the package and your delivery address within the United States. We pass on to you our volume discount in order to keep the shipping fees as low as possible. To preserve the exquisite quality of our chocolate, our shipping methods require temperature controlled packaging to certain states and during certain period of the year throughout the US. Please see "warm weather shipping" for further details. We guaranty that our products leave our facility in good condition. If upon receipt of the products it has been damaged in transit, please notify us immediately. You may also choose to refuse to sign and the product will be returned to us automatically.

-Do you deliver PO boxes?
FedEx does not deliver to PO boxes, so we are unable to provide shipping to boxes.

-Do you deliver to Puerto Rico?
Unfortunately we cannot deliver to Puerto Rico.

-How do you make sure that products arrive always on time especially during special holidays (e.g. Valentine's Day)?
Most shipments arrive within 2 business days after ordering. Based on shipping carrier deadlines and holidays before special days, we will make note on our website when orders must be placed in order for them to arrive in time for gifting. We strongly recommend selecting expedited shipping if you are short on time before a special event.

-Do you deliver to APO/DPO addresses?
Unfortunately we cannot deliver to APO/DPO addresses.

-Can you ship during warm / cold weather?
Yes, we do ship during warm and cold weather alike. Regarding the warm weather, we use a special material that keeps the chocolate protected during the shipping and fresh at the same time. During cold weather, we do not have a problems keeping the chocolate at a stable temperature. However, it can happen that the shipment has been delayed due to unexpected weather disturbances (e.g. snow storm) and that affects regular deliveries.

-Can I place an order to be shipped outside the U.S?
At this time we are only able to ship our chocolates within the 50 US states.

-Do you offer same-day shipping?
Unfortunately we can not offer same-day delivery.

Delivery Days

FedEx Overnight
Packages are normally delivered Tuesday through Friday (excluding holidays).

FedEx Two-Day
Packages are normally delivered Tuesday through Friday (excluding holidays).

FedEx Ground to Business Addresses (In select states)
Packages are normally delivered Tuesday through Friday (excluding holidays).

FedEx Ground to Residential Addresses (In select states)
The FedEx Ground Residential delivery schedule depends on the delivery address. To many, but not all residential addresses, FedEx Ground delivers Tuesday through Friday (holidays excluded) This website is administrated by the USA Subsidiary; if you are looking for answers and/or information in other countries, such as wholesale contact information for the rest of the world, please go to to submit your request.

If the answer to your question is not listed, please go to Contact Us to send us an email with your question.


Free Gift Offer

What are the conditions for receiving a free gift?
If your order contains a product from our shop and the amount is over $120 after deduction of a discount and without delivery, you can benefit from a free gift (minimum value $30).

Do i have to add the free gift in my cart?
The free gift will automatically be added to your basket .

What is the free gift?
The free gift is a product from the Valrhona Collection. A Baking, Snacking or Gifting product. Its value is $30 minimum.

Classes and free gift:
The free gift is not included for the purchase of a class only. The free gift is included for the purchase of a class plus at least 1 item.

How many free gift can i have?
This is one free gift per order if your order meets the conditions.