A range of unique flavors: 16 Grand Cru chocolates to try.

These Grand Cru chocolates are the result of expertly selecting, blending, and refining the finest cocoas, favored for their aromatic potentials.

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Bahibe 46%
Milky, Chocolatey Intensity

Bahibe, with its high cocoa content, offers a balance between the sweetness of milk and the intensity of cocoa notes, with an overall hint of nuts, enhanced by a fruity acidity and a slightly bitter flavor. Single Origin Dominican Republic.


2-jiva.jpgJivara 40 %
Creamy and Chocolatey

Jivara captivates with the pronounced flavor of its creamy chocolatey notes, combined with the ultimate notes of vanilla and malt.


Andoa 39 %
Smooth and Milky

This Grand Cru is a soft and mellow chocolate, which seduces with its milk smoothness and chocolate tenderness, enhanced by a bitter-sweet hint.


4-caramelia.jpgCaramelia 36 %
Caramel and Salted butter notes

Soft, rich and voluptuous, Caramelia stands out with its rich milky flavor and compelling taste of salted butter caramel.


5-tana.jpgTanariva 33 %
Sweet and Caramelized

Expresses balance of acidulous flavours, softened by pronounced milky caramel notes. Single Origin Madagascar.



6-ivo.jpg Ivoire 35 %
Smooth with a hint of Vanilla

White chocolate delicately sugared, Ivoire reveals aromas of warm milk enhanced by delicate vanilla notes.


Opalys 33 %
Milky and Delicate

Pure white in color, with a creamy texture and delicately sugared, Opalys reveals harmonious aromas of fresh milk and natural vanilla.



8-dul.jpg Dulcey 32 %
Creamy and Toasty

The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to the flavors of freshly-baked shortbread with a pinch of salt.



Abinao 85 %
Powerful and Tannic

A high cocoa content and the blending of Forastero beans from Africa make Abinao a chocolate with a distinctive tannic bitterness.


Araguani 72 %
Chocolatey and Full-Bodied

From its strikingly bitter essence, Araguani offers a rich and complex aromatic profile featuring warm notes (raisins, chestnuts) and notes of licorice. Single Origin Venezuela.


Guanaja 70 %
Bittersweet and Elegant

Guanaja develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes.


Andoa 70 %
Fresh and Bittersweet

This Grand Cru heats the palate with refreshing and powerful bitter-sweetness developing into shades of freshness swirling the whole tasting experience.


 Caraïbe 66 %
Balanced and Velvety

Caraïbe is a perfect balance of smooth chocolate and roasted dried fruit notes with a slightly oaky finish.


14-alpaco.jpg Alpaco 66 %
Flowery and Woody

A Grand Cru whose subtle floral aromas melt exquisitely into supremely intense chocolatey notes. Single Origin Ecuador..


 Manjari 64 %
Fresh and Tangy

Manjari liberates acidulous notes of red and dried fruits.Single Origin Madagascar.