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Azélia 35% Milk Baking Chocolate - 8.8oz

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Passion Fruit Inspiration Baking Chocolate - 8.8oz

Ivoire 35% White Baking Chocolate -8.8oz

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IVOIRE 35% White Baking Chocolate

  • Smooth White Chocolate with a Hint of Vanilla
  • Ideal for Coating – Molding – Bars – Mousses – Crémeux & Ganaches – Ice Cream & Sorbets – Mousse
  • 250g (8.8oz) bag of feves

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White chocolate delicately sugared, Valrhona IVOIRE 35% reveals aromas of warm milk enhanced by delicate vanilla notes.

A white chocolate with only a hint of sweetness, IVOIRE 35% white chocolate has a perfect blend of ingredients and provides a warm, milky vanilla profile. Ivoire's note of sweetness is as light as can be, its color is subtly iridescent, and its flavor evokes butter.

IVOIRE 35%, the icon of Valrhona white chocolate for pastry

Valrhona's IVOIRE 35% white chocolate stands out from the traditional world of white chocolates. With little sugar, this pearly-colored chocolate evokes the aromas of cooked milk. Ivory has become an iconic term gastronomy professionals use to designate white chocolate.

White chocolate with little sugar

Valrhona has developed IVOIRE 35% to offer Chefs low-sugar white chocolate. It thus allows for lighter gourmet recipes for a reasoned indulgence. This white pastry chocolate is also available in creamy, ganache, and mousse formulas, perfect for making ice creams, frozen logs, or sorbets. Amateur and professional chocolatiers also use it as covering chocolate, to coat homemade chocolate sweets, and create beautiful moldings.

What ingredients should you pair this white chocolate with?

The comforting notes of cooked milk in this white chocolate for baking allow it to be paired with many ingredients. To contrast with its color and aromas, combine this white chocolate with more acidic notes. For example, try incorporating red fruits into your recipes: red currants, morello cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. You can also combine this white chocolate IVOIRE 35% with citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, orange, or grapefruit.

White chocolate for French pastry

IVOIRE 35% has been imagined and is made from cocoa beans in France. More precisely, it is in the chocolate workshops of Tain l'Hermitage, in the Drôme, that these white feves are molded. A true icon of the brand, this chocolate highlights the French know-how for more sustainable gastronomy and reasoned greed.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)


Discover  IVOIRE 25% 2.2lbs

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  • Sugar
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Whole Milk Powder
  • Emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)
  • Natural Vanilla Extract

This Product May Contain Traces Of Nuts, Soy.

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