Orelys® 35%: A Sweet Addition to our Blond Range

Five years after creating Dulcey® 32%, Valrhona once again distinguishes itself in the category by using its chocolate expertise with a new star ingredient, dark muscovado sugar.

It took four years of research and exploration to find the ingredient which gives ORELYS® 35% its rich flavor and unique color: dark Mauritian muscovado sugar.

To obtain this natural, unrefined sugar, sugar cane is crushed then pressed to extract the juice. This juice is heated, dried and ground. Because of its natural molasses content, muscovado sugar has a rich brown color and delicate licorice aromas.

By adding muscovado sugar when we’re making ORELYS® 35%, we give it a naturally bronze blond hue and earthy licorice notes.

Muscovado sugar is a pure, unrefined cane sugar renowned for its strong molasses flavor and moist texture. The name of this sugar finds its origin from the Spanish word for unrefined, "mascabado," since this sugar never undergoes the spinning process used to dry and remove plant material from other sugars. This keeps more molasses and mineral richness giving it that unique flavor which characterizes ORELYS® 35%.

This gourmet chocolate's sweet freshness is clear from the very first bite thanks to its licorice notes. Hints of biscuit complement the freshness as you taste the chocolate.

Orelys® is a 35% couverture and can be used in molded products, bars, mousses, cream mixes, ganaches, ice creams and sorbets. Its biscuit licorice notes work well with spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and paprika, as well as fruits, including banana, lemon zest and kiwi. It also complements mint, champagne and coffee flavors.

Begin your blond chocolate baking adventures with these Orelys® recipes: