"THE 25 BEST VEGAN CHOCOLATE BARS YOU CAN FIND AT MOST SUPERMARKETS! When top pastry chefs claim a brand as their chocolate of choice, you know it’s worth the splurge. You’ll often find Valrhona products in the baking aisle, but the company makes “tasting bars” as well."

Ina Garten Just Shared the Dessert Recipe She Recommends for Mother's Day
"Ina is known for recipes that call for vague ingredients like "good olive oil" or "good vanilla," and this cake is no exception. Garten calls for "good cocoa powder, such as Valrhona" in this recipe, and it makes all the difference—trust me, I've made it a few times. Of the brands I've tried—Ghirardelli, Hershey's, Toll House—Valrhona yields the deepest chocolate flavor. Since that's where all the flavor comes from in this cake, it's worth the splurge."

MyRecipes Valrhona
"I especially love the Dulcey, which is a mild milk chocolate, the Caramélia, a caramelized chocolate, and the deep Guanaja, and all the flavors of inspirations!"

Yahoo Life Best Baking Chocolate
"James Beard Best Pastry Chef winner Kelly Fields of Willa Jean in New Orleans launched her new cookbook, The Good Book of Southern Baking, and in it she includes her nationally famous chocolate chip cookies that require three different flavors of premium French Valrhona chocolates."

New York Times
"This French brand has long been my go-to for premium chocolate. I keep its pastilles squirreled away in my desk for emergency snacking. "

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"Valrhona has been invested in Ecuador and protecting sustainable fine cacao production."

"Inspiration, Valrhona’s innovative new line of fruit and nut couvertures, behaves like baking chocolate but comes in all-natural flavors like strawberry, almond, and passion fruit."

New York Times
"Historically, the cacao percentage was printed on the back of the package in tiny type, if it was listed at all. But this had changed by 1986, when Valrhona introduced its Guanaja chocolate, the first bar with a 70 percent cacao content. "

"Valrhona makes these blond chocolate féves called Orelys. They’re slightly nutty with a hint of maple notes with sort of a molasses-y flavor."

"Two new ingredients for the home baker"

"[The Broadmoor] Colorado Springs resort marks its 100th anniversary with a custom Valrhona Chocolate blend and a new pâtisserie, Café Julie's"

"I'm constantly doing courses and updating, and what better place to do it than Hermitage, France, the home of Valrhona, the maker of the best chocolate in the world." Chocolatier Julian Helman

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"[Barbara Bush's chocolate chip cookies] have Valrhona Chocolate Chips, which I consider the best chocolate; that's what we use here at the hotel." Catherine Rodriguez, Pastry Chef at the Houstonian

"As for [Barbara Bush's famous chocolate chip cookies] recipe, Rodriguez, an 11-year veteran of The Houstonian, says, the secret is in the oats and the luxe Valrhona Chocolate Chips, the best chocolate chips available." 

daily meal
"This student runs a fine-dining restaurant from his college apartment" and he uses Valrhona Chocolate.

Pastry Arts Magazine
"Learn how to make pastries like a Michelin star chef with L’École Valrhona Brooklyn virtual demos."

so good
"Valrhona, the leading French chocolate manufacturer for the top pastry chefs, has announced the launch of its new Inspiration range." 

Bake Magazine
"Brownies would be nothing without the right chocolate."

"It's relatively new: blonde Chocolate wasn't even discovered -accidentaly, at that!- until 2006 by chocolate makers at Valrhona." 

"Why Caramalized White Chocolate is trending right now." 

"Hey Dark-Chocolate snobs: Milk Chocolate could be making you happier." 

"This Chocolate is the key to making seriously next-level desserts." 

Serious Eats
"No matter which item you choose, you can always expect bean-to-bar chocolate that embodies Valrhona's four pillars: quality, innovation, sustainability, ethics, and respect for the environment." 

The Epoch Times
"Valrhona is the Harvard of Chocolate Schools. They have professioal pastry schools at four locations across the world and also offer classes to the public at their Brooklyn location." 

The Huffington Post
"Valrhona builds a school for local children in the Dominican Republic." 


"Sip winter's signature beverage at the third annual Valrhona Hot Chocolate Festival knowing you aren't the only one benefiting from the indulgent treat."

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"And that is exactly what I feel every evening as I break off a large piece of chocolate from one of Valrhona’s new baking bars."

Spoon University
"They’ve approached the art of making chocolate with a very hands-on process, including to monitor everything in their line of production, including how the cacao is grown and refined into chocolate.


"The beverages made with Valrhona's luxury chocolate won't necessarily flatter your waistline, but the holiday-season splurge will cajole your sense of social responsibility"

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"Last year, the French chocolate manufacturer Valrhona, started L’École Valrhona Brooklyn, with special consumer classes on Saturdays." 


"Worth hunting down this holiday season are Valrhona’s gift options, particularly these new, beautifully wrapped boxes of assorted bonbons. With candied fruit, nuts, and lots of silky chocolate ganache, they are the perfect stocking stuffer for all the chocolate snobs in your life.

Bon Apetit

"Do you know your bittersweet from your semisweet from your dark from your milk from your…? The world of baking chocolate is confusing. Here's how to navigate it." 

The Huffington Post

"It is a “blond” chocolate and it is like no other chocolate you’ve tasted. I expect there will be numerous copycats pretty soon.


"Hear from chef Sarah about the history of Valrhona, how they let the flavor of the beans determine the end products, and the difference between tasting and eating chocolate."

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"Valrhona will also debut an entirely new type of chocolate."

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"This week the luxury French chocolate company Valrhona opened a new school and hub for their brand in the U.S., L'École Valrhona Brooklyn."

food and wine

 "The school's state-of-the-art location offers more rigorous classes for culinary professionals, in addition to their recreational classes."

epoch times

"L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, which opened in DUMBO this year, is offering classes for home bakers."


"This ultra-rich, dense mousse shows off the unique, smoky character of Valrhona chocolate."

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"Warm chocolate soufflé cakes are always a big hit at our dinners, and this cake, prepared by Kevin Penner of Della Femina in East Hampton, New York, was no exception. France’s prized Valrhona chocolate is the star of the richly delicious dessert."


"I would love to have the recipe for the Valrhona chocolate pudding served at the City Limits Diner, in Stamford, Connecticut."

Chocolate Noise
"We Were Doing Bean to Bar Before Bean to Bar Was Born"


"Valrhona offers weekend chocolate and pastry making classes in their newly opened L'Ecole Valrhona in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn."

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"Valrhona is launching us into the coming season with its Holiday Chocolate Workshop, hosted by pastry chef, Sarah Kosikowski."

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"Combat the frigid temperatures at the Hot Chocolate Festival, hosted by the cocoa connoisseurs at Valrhona."


"From Jan. 21 to Feb. 5, bakeries and pastry shops around the city -- including big names like Dominique Ansel Kitchen (home of the blooming hot chocolate), Laduree and Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery -- will be selling specialty hot chocolates to help benefit Valrhona’s Clean Water Project."

The Epoch Times

"Valrhona, the French chocolate manufacturer beloved by pastry chefs and chocolatiers, is collaborating with top pastry and dessert shops in New York City for the second annual Hot Chocolate Festival." 

Fox News_Is Expensive Chocolate Worth It?

"At the top of the chocolate chain sits a little French company, called Valrhona, which buys or harvests from its own plantation nearly 30 percent of the world's premium chocolate, while producing less than 1 percent by volume. "

"If you think you’re not a white chocolate fan, you haven’t tried Dulcey."


"Hot Chocolate Festival [ … ] put on by premium cocoa producers Valrhona. The whole thing kicks off with a party at Ladurée Soho on January 18."


"At the first stateside outpost of Valrhona's famed chocolate education center, which opened recently in Downtown Brooklyn, professional chefs and sweets-obsessed amateurs can learn the finer points of working not just with cocoa products but all kinds of pastry."

"The gourmet pastry classes offered by L'Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn can help out and make your dreams come true."

So Good Magazine
"New classes in virtual format with renowned chefs as it wants to give the opportunity to professional and amateur pastry chefs with basic techniques from around the world to keep training."

"Even her cookies, soft baked with three kinds of French Valrhona chocolate, are elevated."

Bake Magazine
"To celebrate the five-year anniversary of its L’École Valrhona Brooklyn location, Valrhona has put together an exciting schedule of professional classes with world-renowned guest chefs."