Strawberry And Almond Panna Cotta

Vegan Chocolate Tart

An Original Recipe by Ecole Gourmet Valrhona
Category: Cakes and Tart
Yield:Makes 6 individual tartlets
Difficulty: Easy

To be done the day before:
-Vegan cocoa shortcrust pastry
-Plant-based NYANBGO 68% chocolate crémeux
-Baking the tarts

To be done on the day:
(store in the refrigerator for 4 hours)
Required utensils:
1 tart baking kit
(SILIKOMART - 6-piece oblong ring)
20mm Saint Honoré nozzle




Preparation time: 30 minutes
Rest time before use: 4 hours
150 g Lupin flour
200 g Potato starch
120 g Almond flour
4 g Fine salt
1 Norohy Vanilla bean
60 g Water
100 g Sunflower or grape seed oil


Sift all the dry ingredients together. Add the oil and mix using a food processor with the paddle attachment. Gradually add the water and mix by hand until a homogeneous dough forms. Place the dough between two sheets of baking paper and spread to a thickness of 2.5mm. Cut out tart bases using the SILKOMART templates to help you, as well as the strips to line the tin. Freeze for 4 hours.


To be done the day before:



Preparation time: 30 minutes
Rest time before use: 8 hours
20 g Cornstarch
50 g Sugar
590 g Almond milk (1.8% fat)


Warm up the almond milk then add the sugar and the Cornstarch that you have already mixed together. Heat to at least 95°C / 200°F, strain and mix using a hand blender. Pour onto the NYANGBO 68% Ground Chocolate while stirring with a spatula. Mix using a hand blender to form a perfect emulsion. Place some plastic wrap on the mixture’s surface and store in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours.


60 g Caramelized almonds
60 g Caramelized hazelnuts

Make the tart bases and bake in a fan-assisted oven at 160°C/320°F for 16 minutes. Once the tarts have cooled back down, place around 50g caramelised hazelnuts and 50g caramelised almonds at the bottom of the dish. Pour 50g of NYANGBO 68% chocolate crémeux over the caramelised nuts then freeze overnight. Cover with a plastic wrap and store the remaining crémeux in the refrigerator to finish. The following day, pipe an even layer of the crémeux over the tarts using a 20 Saint Honoré nozzle. Decorate with a few caramelised nuts and chocolate pieces*. Store in the refrigerator for 4 hours before serving.

Chef’s tip

The tempering technique to make the chocolate slivers: For 250g of NYANGBO 68% chocolate: melt two thirds of the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave. Increase the temperature to 50-55°C / 120-135°F. Once this temperature has been reached, add the remaining third of the unmelted chocolate. Start mixing by hand, then using a hand blender. Be careful not to incorporate any air bubbles. Check the temperature of the chocolate - it should be 31-32°C / 88-90°F. The chocolate is now tempered. Make sure you keep the chocolate at this temperature while you work with it. If you need to, use a heat gun to reheat its surface. Spread the tempered chocolate between two guitar sheets using a rolling pin and leave to set for 2 hours at room temperature. Then, break the chocolate pieces into varying shapes and sizes to create slivers to be sprinkled over your tarts.

Nutrition tip

This recipe is 100% vegan, gluten- and soy-free! It is full of plant protein and fiber thanks to the addition of lupin flour and cocoa powder.