Piping Bag


Fit the tip from inside the piping bag and twist the bag just above the tip to close off the hole. Then fold over the sides of the open end, making sure the folds are wide and leave an opening that is large enough to fill the bag cleanly. You can use a water jug to support the bag (tuck the folds over the rim) so that both hands are free to fill it. When the bag is full, unfold the edges and close the top of the bag by twisting it tightly. Push the contents down a little before you cut the tip of the bag to use it. When you are not piping out the mixture, make sure you hold the bag with the tip upwards!

Chef's Notes

– Hold your piping bag with the hand you use to write
– Do not overfill it, as that makes it harder to manipulate it.
– You can also use a clothes peg to close it before filling and refilling.