Business Management Class for Chefs -  July 31st - Marketing
Business Management Class for Chefs - July 31st - Marketing
  • Session 1:
    Marketing (Product Market Fit, Driving Demand, Building a Marketing Plan, Digital Marketing Tools)
    Most restaurant concepts struggle simply because they fail to understand Product/Market Fit. This first unit teaches the foundation of marketing and how to build a marketing plan. We agree on definitions for marketing, price, and value… and start discussing this idea of “transactions.” The best way to market is to find a problem that exists, and then craft a solution to that problem. The ABCDs of Marketing is a framework Chip Klose developed that helps operators think about how they can position themselves in the market.
    A is for AUDIENCE
    B is for BRAND
    C is for Competition
    D is for Differentiation
    ABCD leads to E and E stands for EVERYTHING.
    The ABCD exercise is a way of positioning a brand.
    Marketing is about more than just Instagram posts. At the core, marketers are interested in understanding consumer demand and then filling that demand… or on rare occasions, creating demand. In this chapter Chip Klose will introduce the following:
    - The Triangle Principle (Attraction, Retention, Evangelism)
    - Digital Tools
    - Analog solutions
    - Internal Marketing
  • Instructor: Chip Klose, Consultant @chipklosecoaching
  • Lenght: 3 hours
  • # of students: 20
  • Location: Online