Double Fermentation


Valrhona has paved the way for a new generation of aromatic profiles in chocolate with its Exclusive Double Fermentation Process

Double Fermentation builds on the already rich cocoa flavor created through the first stage of cocoa fermentation in the chocolate-making process by initiating a second fermentation, melding the natural flavors of the terroir to produce a totally unique flavor profile truly representing the region.



Double Fermentation
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What is Fermentation?                                                                   
Fermentation is the amazing natural process that brings us beer, wine, sourdough and of course, chocolate. Yeast and bacteria break down and create sugars and alcohols that make the delicious flavors we so enjoy.
In chocolate, fermentation is the process that creates aromas, bold flavor and rich color. There are two stages: alcohol and acetic fermentation. First, natural yeast converts the sugars in the cocoa pulp into alcohol. Then bacteria oxidize the alcohol into acetic acid. Beans are stirred to aerate and continue the process. The cocoa beans change through the process and deep flavors and colors are made.

What is Double Fermentation?
Our innovative product developers sought to build on the aromas and chocolate flavor created through the first fermentation by initiating a second fermentation, this time bringing in additional outside flavors and aromas. The pulp from local fruits is added to the vats of cocoa beans. The natural yeast and sugars of the fruit pulp work just like the sugars from the natural cocoa pulp in the first fermentation and kick off the alcohol and acetic fermentation once again. The whole process continues to build on the already rich and complex flavors of the cocoa, melding with the natural characteristics of the terroir to produce a totally unique flavor profile truly representing the region.

Why Buy Double Fermented Chocolate

Valrhona has taken innovation to a whole new level by creating the Double Fermentation Process, opening up a whole range of new possibilities for aromas in chocolate.
This technique produces chocolates that delight from the very first bite. A bouquet of fruit aromas explodes and gives way to the rounded deep flavor of cocoa. These chocolates pair beautifully with many different ingredients, so they're perfect for both baking and everyday snacking.